The Start: She Says Movement

Over the last several months I have probably read WAY too many online articles that talk about relationships. That talk about being hopeful and that things will work out. One thing I noticed though is there are no actions that someone is called to take. Basically-just sit back and you’ll get what you want. That basic advice does not sit well with a girl like me.

There are absolutely things that are outside of our control, but there are also things that we can do along the way to prepare us for the life we want. And that is what this blog is going to explore. It is going to explore the things that ‘she says’. The things that I am doing to craft my life. It is going to focus on the things I try that go well and also on the things that I utterly fail at. The books I read and hate and the books that I read and love. The lessons that I learn every single day from random conversations. It is going to focus on life.

So in 2017-the goals is to have 365 articles that chronicle this process. 365 blogs that talk about actually doing SOMETHING, not just waiting on life to magically manifest. I am sure there will be harsh days. I am sure there will be days when I do not want to write, but I am also sure that it will help me a lot. I am also hoping- that it just may help you too.


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