January Goals

January starts today. 2017 starts today. A great number of new opportunities start today. It is all up to us to take it on.

For the latter part of 2016- I took time to dig in to me- to dig in to the things that I need to work on in my life. And for the first month of 2017- I want to continue with more of the same. I want to continue digging in to more of who I am and what I need in life.

For this month my goals are simple:

Read 4 books (from cover to cover) that enhance my life

Make weekly contributions to my ‘happy moments jar’

15 minutes a day of Bible time

Workout daily

Be conscious of what I am eating

Other than the books and Bible time- I do not want to focus on numbers this month. I know that weighing 160 pounds will not make me happy if I am internally miserable. So I am going to work on my body, but I am going to focus on my soul. I know the process will work on my body-but I have yet to find the right mix for my soul.

Throughout the month, I am going to check in with my progress and I encourage you to do so as well. Even if you are only ‘checking in’ in a journal-I encourage you to take a look at what you are doing. This blog is to focus on actions we can take as women and one of those actions, is holding ourselves accountable. And that is where I want to start this year-with being accountable for everything I am doing.


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