What I’m Reading: 100 Ways to Motivate Others

In my day job- I am a leader that is responsible for motivating others and making sure that they are striving to do their best.  This is not always an easy thing- so a few months back, I started reading books on leadership methods, motivation and self-confidence.  The book 100 Ways to Motivate Others is one of the ones that I read most recently.  And I LOVED it.

I do not want to give away too much about the book- so I am going to give away part of what I got out of it.  That works, right?

What I got out of it was definitely some different ways to motivate others, but it was also ways to motivate myself.  It gave me ways to think about my own internal motivation.  It gave me ways to think about other things that I need to be my most motivated.  It also gave me some very specific points that struck home.

One major point that struck home- is that leaders have to take a look at who really wants it.  Who wants to do the job.  Who wants to be there and kick butt every day and take names like nobodies business.  It also means looking at the people that maybe just come to collect a paycheck, but have no enthusiasm for their job.  Basically- a leader cannot make someone care.  They can motivate them, but if they are not internally invested in the job in some way, there is little that a leader can do.

I have struggled with that concept the entire time that I have been a leader. I want people to want it just as bad as I do. I want them to see what a great job they have.  I want them to have my eyes towards the job- for just one day.  And, sadly, that is not something that I can make happen.

And the advice they had on this situation-is to invest in the rock stars.  Invest in the people that want it-because they will blow the roof off of the place if invested in properly, while the ‘I don’t want to be here’ crowd may not even crack a window- no matter how much a leader invests their time.

As leaders, and people, our time is so precious.  It is so important to invest in what is important.  So- if you take one lesson from this post- invest in who and what is important to you.  Worry less about the people that do not care in your life and focus on those that will give you the stars- if you just have the courage to ask.


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