Empath Discovery: It’s Part of Who I Am


It’s not necessarily a word that it talked about a ton. People hear it and they automatically think ‘psychic’-which automatically makes the 99% of us that are empaths, but don’t really believe in psychics want to run from the word. Here’s the thing though-being an empath is a gift.

Over the past couple of years, I have figured out that I am an empath. Period. And about 6 months ago- I had a bit of an empath crisis.

If you are wondering what that looks like-it really does not have any external symptoms, at least not symptoms that most people can see. What it feels like- energy just hemorrhaging everywhere. I was, emotionally, out of control and completely depleted at the same time.

And thank goodness- I’ve got a really good friend who happens to be an empath too. And luckily for me-she had figured this out about 6 months before I had my little crisis and she actually knew some things that could be done to help. She actually understood exactly what I was going through and holy crud did that help. I learned how to ground and later on I learned how to filter.

I also figured out that I needed to research. And the research is scary. There are not many people that touch on being an empath that do not start speaking of sides to being an empath that are scary to think about. I am only a fledgling at really being able to feel me versus not me. I do not even want to think about the expanded possibilities that many sites delve in to right off the bat.

And this is where my lovely mother comes in. As I was home over Christmas- my mom asked me if being empath was just a different gift, or talent, that some of us get. And the resounding answer to that is yes. Yes it is a gift that some of us get. It is a gift that we have to nurture and properly use in life- because there are a ton of temptations to delve further in to the empath side and while delving in to understand being an empath is good. Delving in to further develop and push being an empath is worrisome. Which leaves me in this weird position- how do I work on developing who I am, all of who I am, while respecting my own boundaries with being an empath?

I am afraid that my answer to that is- I don’t know. I don’t know how I am going to continue discovering more about who I am without fully investigating where my empath strengths truly lie. And there is a part of me that is really scared to investigate it, but I know that I am going to have to. I am just not really sure when I should do that. So- I am taking some great advice from my empath friend and asking God to show me what my empath strengths are and how to properly use them. It may not be the easiest path, but it is most definitely the path that I feel most comfortable with.

As I discover more of my empath side- I’ll definitely be talking about it- because it is a part of who I am.  And accepting that part of who I am, is extremely important.


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  1. I have recently discovered that I am an empath too. There are so many things to learn and figure out. It’s a bit overwhelming. Thanks for sharing your experiences. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your comment! It definitely can be overwhelming-but it has been so much better since I recognized what it was.

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