Writing Lists for a Living: It’s All About the Process

A couple of things to confess to right up front: I am an Alabama fan.

And there is something to Nick Saban’s idea that process matters.

I was trying to think of what to write tonight and I realized- I should probably write about my day. But then the absurdity of my day came in to my mind- I wrote lists- all day. I talked about the lists. I analyzed the lists. I asked for critiques on the lists. I left one list to marinate over the weekend.

And then I realized this- I write lists- because I am writing about my process. I am writing about how I do my job and how I think things in my job should work. And in my mind- that means lists. It means steps. It means visualizing what I do. And it means different colored EXPO markers. (Surprise confession #2: I am a bit of a whiteboard marker snob.)

Here is the thing that some do not seem to recognize- we all have processes in life. Whether that is how we do our jobs or how we wash the dishes- there is a process to it in our minds. The things that makes good teachers and mentors unique- is that they can actually articulate the things that they do in a way that others can follow it and then they empower their students to go make it their own.

I hope that when I teach these things that I am actually able to do that last part- that I am actually about to show them that they absolutely can make it their own. Unless you’re in a cut and paste job- the process will always be slightly different for everyone. What I can give- is a fresh perspective. What I can give- is my experience. And what I can give is my knowledge. It is up to my students to decide what they do with it. I just hope I give them the tools to do awesome things.


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