Weekly Health Check In: 1-7 Jan

Week one of January is in the books. And in order to stay accountable- I’m checking in.

If you’re wondering why I’m talking about accountability- it is because that is something that actually helps with any goal. It’s why I’m writing an article a day this year. It is why I am actively focusing on living my life-but I’m also documenting things- so that people can call BS if they see that I’m just half-doing my life.

This week I focused on starting to work out again consistently and sticking to a healthier meal plan. There mixed results on both fronts. I did great on my workouts Sunday through Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday- were not so consistent with workouts. What I realize now-is that I need to make my workout days Saturday through Wednesday. That way I get five consistent days- but I also get rest at the end of my work week. I am hopeful that will help with things next week as I start my next challenge group.

When it comes to nutrition- I did really well, except for a donut at work one day and a couple of ‘takeout’ meals late in the week. I paid for that donut-like within 20 minutes- my gut hated me for it. The takeout meals were not completely accounted for- but I had decided, from the very beginning, to allow a meal or two a week that was not on my meal plan. I need some sanity. I also know that the more my body gets used to health eating, the less it will want takeout meals.

And since this day is also known as ‘STATurday’- I will say that I am down 1.2lbs with week- from 190 to 188.8. While I do not love those numbers- I do love that there is progress. I do love that I am moving in the direction that I want to move in. Next week- I’ll be adding measurements back in and some progress picks. But for this week- I just wanted to talk about the process I am taking and about owning this journey. It’s one step at a time. One day…no one moment at a time is how I need to take this. Anything more and I will slip down a slippery slope away from enjoying a fit, healthy life.

What have you done with your health journey this week? What are you working on in the new year?


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