Frustrations and Chocolate

I got super frustrated today. Like mega, ultra frustrated. And it wasn’t just work- it also with certain situations in life. So I just finished a chocolate cookie and am settling in to watch the Alabama vs. Clemson game tonight. (Side note: who in their right mind decided that 8 pm was a decent hour to start a ball game? Some of us gotta work in the morning.)

But before I start yelling at the tv- I want to talk about the things that left me so frustrated today. I like to think that I do a decent job at my job- that I do a decent job of teaching the people around me and encouraging them to grow. However- there is a crew of people at work- that just do not care. It does not matter what we do or how we encourage them or how we say that we would like to help them or how we listen to the harsh things that they have to say about us- they just do not care about the job. They do not care about performing at their absolute best.

That saddens me- it makes me wonder what did someone say that made them think that they should not strive for their best? What happened to block off that part of them? And I don’t know if there is any way to unlock it- especially if the person is only interested in carrying on the way that they are. It has come down to the point that many of us have realized that we cannot make them care if they do not want to care.

On the opposite end of the spectrum- I also had a conversation that threw in to light the frustrations that I have with my generation. Namely the frustration that many men are deciding to wait until they are in their 30s to settle down- not realizing that means women of their age, who want kids, are either finding bad marriages or waiting for good marriages- but knowing that any kids after age 35 will come with the label ‘high risk’ for them. I can understand wanting to wait to figure it out-but I don’t know if ever crosses their minds the amount of women in this generation that are being forced to wait as well- when they do have a real timeline that hangs over every woman’s head.

I did not say anything about how much it frustrated me- because I did not see the use of talking about it at that moment. I feel that many men that are Millenials have just lost their way on asking women out. On realizing that that is their role. That there are actual roles in relationships- that are not there for bad reasons. Sure rejection can happen- but have we become so afraid of rejection that we never take chances? Have we come to a point where we want our lives to happen and then kids to happen- not realizing that both are possible? That life does not begin or end when kids and marriage come in to the picture?

I wish I had the words to say how utterly disappointed I am with the generation of boys that are part of my generation- but I do not. I can’t say that I have any particular thing to blame them for. I’m not even sure that this problem is a problem that they created-but for Pete’s sake- stop gawking, start asking and remember there are wonderful women in all sorts of packages. There are parts to our souls that as women we only want to show to one man and I hope men understand that finding that side in a woman is a great reward.

I also wish I had an action I could take on this. I could tell off every man that I hear lamenting about how ‘hard to read’ women are or about how ‘they really just want a good girl’ but can’t find one. But let’s face it- that will not help. I am not sure that any single outward action will help.

I wish there was more that I can do than pray and trust in God- but I feel like the lesson here may just be that praying and trusting in God is enough. And that is a pill I am having to learn to swallow.


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