What I’m Reading: 10% Happier

Warning: this book- 10% Happier- is all about meditation.

But the book is also good. It basically is a case study of how meditation changed the author’s life. How meditation moved him through a crap ton of things and has helped him to achieve many of the things that he wanted in life.

It also is not completely full of whimsical sayings that might make you run for the hills when it comes to meditation and what it can do for you. It also is the fourth book that I have read that mentions meditation as something that can really help us out in life.

Not going to live- I have attempted meditation a few times- but I have not exactly found my groove with it yet. However, that is part of the process and it is something that I know I will be doing more of in the future.

Here are the big things that I got from the book though:

  • Getting to a comfortable place with meditation takes awhile
  • It is a learning process, so keep at it
  • Find a mentor and get advice from them
  • Enjoy it

Of the ‘self-help’ books I have read lately- this is not my favorite, but it still pretty good. Personal rating 3/5. Worth the read, but not as engaging as I normally would like.


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