Take Chances: Living Just Outside of Comfortable

There are many options in life and one of them is about making a choice- a choice to live scared or to live fearlessly. In order to live life to the fullest, I fully believe that a major part of life is taking chances. This can be scary, but it is also an important part of truly living.

Many of the decisions that have molded my life has started with me simply taking a chance. I took a chance at joining the Air Force and learned some pretty amazing skills that I would have never imagined for myself otherwise. The Air Force also took me around the U.S. to different places and showed me some different jobs that I could do with the skills I was taught. So I took another chance- to apply for one of those jobs and become part of the civilian work force. I have moved through offices as a civilian and have taken chances to decide to go to one office over another. I have taken chances that have lead me to places I never really expected to go. I keep taking chances and I know that some of those things will not work out- but I also know that I can look myself in the eye and say that I tried something that I wanted to do. I did not let fear keep me in one spot.

It is easy to get comfortable with what we all know. There have been several times when I have been really close to being comfortable in a job and then something comes along that pushes me to try to reach the next level of work life maturity. Something comes along that makes me go ‘yeah- I can do that’ and then I go after it until I CAN do it. I am blessed that some things come naturally to me- but not everything that I decide to do comes naturally.

And I will say that I am learning to take chances in other areas of my life as well. Okay, okay- they are more like calculated risks- but they are chances. In the last year- I have taken chances that have worked horribly and I have taken chances that I have worked out well. One thing that I have proven to myself, with every chance that I take, there will always be some sort of good that comes out it.

Now if you are reading this a going ‘you’ve never absolutely failed at anything, have you’? Maybe- in some other person’s view- I have completely failed at something, but in my view I’ve gotten something out of everything I’ve tried. Maybe all I got was ‘I’m never doing that again’-but that does not mean that it was a failure. It meant I was one step closer to finding the thing that would work for me. It was an opportunity to learn more about myself and how I deal with adversity. It was a chance to grow.

If you are not taking chances- I’d suggest you start. It can be something small. It does not have to be earth shattering- it just has to be something that you normally think ‘I want to do that- but it is not for me’. Why isn’t it for you? Who decides that? I think if you look a little harder- you’ll see that you decide where your limits are and maybe, just maybe, you can try to live a little bit past where your comfort zone ends.


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