Weekly Health Check In: 8-14 Jan

This week- I started the Beachbody Health Bet and really trying to stay on track with fitness and eating.  Needless to say- I may have attempted to tackle a tiny bit too much at one time- which was pointed out to me as I read through my new personal development book of the week. But I have a plan to work on that.

fullsizerenderSo I am still aiming for good progress, but  I am going to change some of the things that I am trying to do at all times right now. Over the last several years, I have mastered the art of small changes-but one of the biggest changes that I still struggle with is eating a good supper.  It seriously does not matter that I have it all planned out, that I am going to eat a healthy dinner- when dinner time comes around- I have not interest in it.

The book I am reading made one suggestion that I am going to try this next week- I am going to make a list of the good things that come from staying on track with my nutrition and keep it in the car. That is where I struggle the most- because in the 30 minutes between work and home- I often times convince myself that I can eat something else.  That my once a week ‘eat out’ can turn in to like four times a week-because I really do not want to cook.  Or just because I am being lazy that day.  So I am hoping that it will be a lot easier to actually keep on track- if I have a reminder with me that helps me nail down the important points of eating well.

All of that being said- I did have progress this week.  I am down to 187.6 and I am also down 1.8 inches.  Tiny steps.  And tiny steps closer to my pre-planned reward.

For those of you AMAZING fitness people who may stumble upon this- do you have any suggestions for what should be on my list?  I’ve got some ideas- but I always welcome more!


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