Take Time to Prepare

On Friday- I talked about taking chances. Now I want to talk about something that I do that makes those chance so much less scary- I prepare.

Does this mean that I actually take time to figure out what I am doing? Does this mean I take time to research and learn? The answer to both of those is absolutely.

Everyone has their own style where they learn best- so I cannot say that what I do will work for you. However- I do hope that some of what I do will give you ideas on what you can do. Here are my big three: read books, find mentorship and make a plan.

Read Books

After I’ve agreed to take a chance- I start doing research. And often times research comes in the form of finding books on the topic. Over the last couple of years- I’ve learned a lot of things that I have tried to put in to practice- by picking up a book and reading it. I will say that not all books are created equal- so I tend to read books that are suggested by authors that I like. I also tend to read multiple books by the same author on a variety of topics, especially if that author has a writing style and belief system similar to my own.

Find a Mentor

Another thing that I do is start asking around to find someone who has traveled a similar path. Can they warn me of things not to do? Can they tell me things I absolutely must do? Do they just have sound advice on working through the process? A great mentor can help to relieve a lot of stress and can help to point you in the right direction. They cannot do the work for me, but they can help with being a sounding board for whatever it is I am about to do.

Make a Plan

I’ve just said to take a chance and now I am saying make a plan. Yes! Make a plan! It does not have to be elaborate, but it should cover the major concerns of this ‘chance’. Maybe I need to define how long I’ll give it a try. Maybe I need to define certain steps I am going to take to set myself up for success. Maybe I need to define what I need to do to minimize how this change will affect others. The chance that I take- dictates what needs to go in to the plan- but it does not keep me from making some sort of plan.

Trying new things can absolutely be scary- but stagnating can be even more frightening. Prepping can take out some of the fear and it may even let you know that you were more prepared for this chance than you thought. So I encourage you try something new this week- take some time and push those boundaries. I’d love to hear just where you end up.


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