The Importance of Pretty Things

I had a moment today when I realized just how important tiny little pretty things can be. At the very least- pretty things make it a little more pleasant to look at my surrounding. At the other end of the spectrum, pretty things are an acknowledgment that I am caring for myself and that I matter.

Did I lose you there? Let me rewind a bit and explain why pretty things can have that vast of an effect.

In general, I do not invest in things that I do not think are super important. So how ridiculous is it that I have not always invested in myself? How ridiculous is it that I am not acknowledging that I matter by giving myself things that I can take pride in?

So that is why pretty things matter. Pretty things are a way that I can show myself that I do matter- to me. It is a way that I can remind myself that I do have value and I do deserve to enjoy the life that I have.

The importance of pretty things also brings about a critical point-I have to view myself as pretty in order to be able to enjoy the beautiful things that are brought in to my life. This is something that I have struggled with, on a daily basis for years. But I have made some groundbreaking progress in the last few days and a lot of it centers around pretty things.

This morning- I had a moment of complete comfort in my body. No one was there to see it-but I had a moment of silliness where I felt 100% confident in my body. I had a moment where I laughed at myself and I realized that some of the things that I had been working on were paying off. That my friend is a non-scale victory in ‘getting my body on track’ terms. However- this is more than exercise, it is a glimpse into what the various things that I have been working on so far this year can do.

It is telling myself- EVERY MORNING- that I am sexy and attractive just as I am. It is sitting down and making plans on how I am going to tackle the things that I want to work on and also working on being easier on myself when I am human. It is buying new, pretty, underwear because it makes me feel better. It is taking time to realize that there are a whole lot of pretty little things in life that I have ignored or not really paid attention to like I should. And now it is actually taking time to pay attention to them.

I know that my ‘happy moments jar’ will help with some of that. I know that this blog will help with some of that. I’m even looking in to some different journals that have guided posts that may help me with this as well. Basically- what I am saying- is I am doing something about it. And I am thoroughly enjoying the process.


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