Weekly Health Check In: 15-21 January

This last week has been a bit different. Frankly, it’s been rough. I had craziness happen at work on Wednesday and it completely threw off the rest of my week. Luckily- I did manage to get through the rest of my week without totally sabotaging my workout and healthy eating regime. Although- I will say that I did not take care of myself in other ways.

I did not take care of my creative outlets that help me to process stress. I just put writing on the side lines and thought ‘I’ll get back to it eventually’. Well- today is eventually and I have quite a few things to catch up on. However- I really want to make sure that I am checking in on my health at least weekly. So- this is the first article I have written in several days and it is an article that I needed to write. Before we get much further- here’s the stats:

Start Week Weight: 187.6

End Week Weight: 187.4

After this week- stress wise- I am happy with any progress that I can get when it comes to my health. Obviously these are not crazy big numbers, but I can 100% say that a lot of that has to do with the fact that I had a very stressful second half of my work week.

So now- I am trying to think of ways to combat that. I have picked up meditating and it has kinda sorta helped, but I have not had any crazy breakthroughs with it and with is specifically reducing my stress. Working out consistently helps, but I am still a bit too early in getting back on track there to just have that as my go to stress relief. As I type this though, I feel a lot of the stress bubbling up, but I also feel it coming off. So I guess the one thing I know is that I need to write. I need to write more in order to keep myself sane and to keep the promises that I have made to myself. It is important to keep those promises- because if I cannot keep promises to myself, how can I be expected to keep promises to others?

So this next week- hopefully things level out some and I also hope that I put a few more things in to practice that I have been working on. It may not have been as smooth as I like- but I will take any progress that I can at this point.


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