Say Thank You

Part of the chaos from last week centered around a sudden shift in my job. Like the kind of sudden shift that you get called in to chat about it halfway through the week and you’re starting the shift at the beginning of the next week. And my stress levels went through the roof.

I walked through the process of telling the people I worked with the closest, the second closest and then the rest of the team in a matter of 48 hours. By the end of it- I felt absolutely horrible. I had extroverted myself out and worried myself in to a tizzy. And all I can say is- thank goodness for people that I have been there before and are willing to talk with newbies like me.

Late on Friday though- I decided I should probably write some thank you cards (see- I’m tying in the title- it’s not just up there for fun). I also knew that writing the thank you cards was going to be rough. Saying ‘thank you for not losing your mind when I suddenly chose to leave way earlier than expected’ does not cover it. Not even close.

So I took the time to tell the people how much they mattered to me. How much I appreciated everything that they did for me and all of the things that made them so special to me in my work life. It’s something that I wish would happen more often. I wish that all of us would take a chance to say thank you to others more than just on the random occasion when we think about it.

And I guess that if I think it is so important, that it is something that I should start doing more of myself. I am learning that it does not have to be something extravagant, just a card and a few words can go a very long way. The end goal of it has to be that the other person feels appreciated. And any by-product that comes out of it is just luck.

So I am going to say thanks more. I am going to take time to let people that I care about know that they are appreciated. It matters to me. It matters because we all just need a little bit of appreciation in our lives.


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