Attempts at a Healthier Living: Taking on Food

I mentioned a few weeks ago that one of the books I was reading gave some guidance on how to motivate yourself to workout more.  In my case, working out isn’t usually the problem.  I find it easy to get my gym time in on a regular basis. What I find hard- is eating healthier.

So I promised myself that I would write down a list of reasons why eating healthier was something that I should do.  Mostly- so that I have the list on my ride home when it is so easy to fall in to the temptation of stopping somewhere to eat as opposed to eating whatever it is that I have at home. I have also put off writing this list down for several weeks.

Today I am working on clearing out a lot of the things that I just need to do (another suggestion from another book)- so that the mental ‘to do’ list actually shrinks and moves to where I am able to use my energy on things that matter more.  It’s not that cleaning does not matter, it is just something that is always on the fringes of my mind.  So, instead of it being on the fringes, I am moving to knock out as many of the tiny things that I just haven’t done.  Which includes getting this list down on paper.

It may sound silly.  It may not work.  But it is also a good chance to force myself to pause and think before I go get food.  It is a chance for me to really consider if I want to derail some of the things that I want healthy food to give me. And if you notice- I did not put weight loss down as one of those items.

But why would I not include that?!?!? Because I do not want that to be my sole focus when it comes to eating healthier.  I want that to just be a pleasant side effect of my efforts to live a healthier life.  I do know that at this point in my life, every time I have focused on eating healthy to lose weight- I eventually fall back in to old patterns when it comes to food. So- I’m trying to do something different this time and maybe it will work?  All I really can say is that what I have previously done has not worked.

Anyone have some specific tips for what they did to get a better relationship with food?



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