Weekly Health Check In: 21-28 Jan

I got sick this week. So fitness became secondary to being able to breathe and not giving anyone else the horrible cold that I have. And by the way- I am fully blaming a coworker for getting me sick this time.

I will say that resting when I’m sick is something super important that I have learned along my fitness journey.   While I absolutely can workout when I have a mild illness- there are times when I am just too ill to workout. There are times when I know better than to push it.

So this week, I respected my body’s limits. I worked out 4 times, instead of the 5 that I want to work out and I managed to eat somewhat healthy while I was sick. At the end of the week- I did not lose any pounds, but I did lose inches, which is absolutely worth it.

I’m taping up my ‘eat healthy reasons’ in my car this week and moving on. We’ll see what the next week brings as I go through it.


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