January Recap

I promised that I would check in with how my goals went for January and while some of them have been rocky, I have seen great progress in other areas.

Just as a reminder- here are what my goals were for January:

  • Read 4 books (from cover to cover) that enhance my life
  • Make weekly contributions to my ‘happy moments jar’
  • 15 minutes a day of Bible time
  • Workout daily
  • Be conscious of what I am eating

And here is how I’ve done on my goals:

I didn’t quite read four books (I’ve read three and started on a fourth), but I did get daily Bible time in- no matter what. I’ve also managed to keep going with my ‘happy moments jar’ and have more than weekly contributions to show for it.

As for working out, I’ve managed to stick to 5 days a week, which is a huge improvement over the one to two days a week that I was averaging at the end of last year. I do not know if I am ever going to really shoot for 7 days a week, because that really just doesn’t work for me, but I do think that doing something physical every day is important.

As for eating- I’ve become more conscious of what I’m eating, but I am also still struggling to make healthier choices. This is one that is going to move up on my ‘concentration list’ for next month-but I also know that I can’t be too hard on myself for it or I’ll just quit all together.

All in all- I think January has gone pretty well. I have mixed feelings about some things, but I also see vast improvements in other areas of my life. Tune in tomorrow for what my February goals are.


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