Weekly Health Check In: 29 Jan-4 Feb

Well…some weeks are just not as good as others. I had 3 going away parties, a birthday party and it is Super Bowl week. Anyone wanna guess how my health and weight loss journey has gone this week? Here’s the thing- these weeks happen. And pretending they don’t is useless.

I will say one thing about this week that was awesome- I reconnected with what is good and fun about fitness. And I am writing out a plan today to fully utilize that in the coming month. I know I need to do strength training- but my trade off is going to be super fun cardio. Like smile the whole time I do it cardio. And I also have realized that to take care of myself best- I’ve got to do stretch day after leg day. So-just some small adjustments when to come to that- but I’m looking forward to a lot more enjoyment with fitness. Because the obligation took all of the motivation out of me. Now I’ve DECIDED to have fun with this again. *fingers crossed* that having fun makes this work.


  • Weight: 189.4
  • Chest: 39
  • Waist: 35
  • Hips:42



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