Empath: Learning to Set Boundaries

I have always had mushy boundaries on some things. And having those mushy boundaries have led to lots of issues. And the more I explore my empath-ness- the more that I realize I need to have solid boundaries on some things in my life.

I am what I would call a natural ‘helper’. I like to help people with stuff and I also get a great deal of satisfaction out of teaching or showing someone something new. The down side to this is that, as an empath, there are lines that I have noticed have started to blur. The good thing is that I have noticed the blurry lines. Now I just have to find a way to fix them within myself and to set up boundaries around me that keep these things from being as much of a problem.

I also realize that setting boundaries is going to be tiring. It is going to require that I hold firm to the boundaries that I need and articulate to those around me what these boundaries are. I have started with setting boundaries on how much of my work day will be spent doing formal training. And I can say that those boundaries are being tested left and right. I know that this is something that will help all of the people I work with in the long run, but I also know that it is difficult to go from ‘on demand’ training to ‘here’s your hour’ training.

I will say this- I am determined to stick to this boundary. It is one tiny, but important, step to gaining back some sense of peace when it comes to training people. It may cause some issues with some people, but I know that in the long run it will help all of us to respect each other’s time better. That is what I am shooting towards and that is the goal I have with this first boundary.


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