The Month of Change

For the last couple of years, February has been a month that has seen a lot of changes in my life. This time two years ago, I was about to start in a new office. This time last year, I was about to be pulled in to a project move. And this year, I have just started in a new, old position. Needless to say- I am a bit tired of February being a month that brings about so many changes in my life.

I could sit here and hypothesize about why these things seem to happen in February, but that it not where I want to go with this article. At least- I do not want to explore a ton of different avenues as to why I think this happens. At this point- I just want to explore one- that February is a month of change for me, because it is also a month that makes me feel unsettled.

And before anyone asks ‘how can a whole month make you feel unsettled’- I’ll just go ahead and say- I have no idea. This is the time of year where new year’s resolutions either fall off on the wayside or become habits. It is also another time of year when there can be extra pressure for single women. Even if not one iota is said about it- there are plenty of people that are thinking about love and hoping and praying that this will be the year when they cease to be the ‘single friend’ that gets invited along for many random things.

I also feel that some of the things I experience are God’s way of putting me where I need to be, even if that is not the place that I thought would be best for me. It’s difficult to say that in the moment, but as I look back at how the past two years have panned out after my crazy February’s- I can say that they panned out very well. There were many things that I learned and discovered in those years that I could not have learned and discovered without going through a period of discomfort to get there. I’m human- so I cannot say that I love change- but I can say that I respect what change does to us as people.

Right now- I am just trying to stay afloat through the seas of change. I am trying to not be too demanding. I am trying to find a way to be patient with change. I am also trying to take my pride out of all of this and just trust that God will make it work out exactly the way it is supposed to. That final step- that final action- is what is making this month of change different than the other two. I am able to step out of what I feel a bit and understand that this is a lesson and I just need to keep my eyes open and learn through the change.


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