Tidy Up Time: Cleaning for Those That Hate to Clean

I dislike cleaning. In fact-I kinda loathe it. It is not that I do not enjoy a clean house-it is just that it is not my number one priority most nights when I get home and I have vowed for a couple of years that I would really work on that. That I would do something to start making sure that my house was not always a mess, except in the 15 minutes before company was going to show up.

This year started off much the same as the others- I kept thinking ‘I really should clean that’ but then would procrastinate and do other things to avoid cleaning. Then I would think about wanting to invite people over- look around and swear I’d start cleaning regularly- and then promptly go back in to procrastinating.

This has just recently started to change. Like within the last couple of weeks. And I will attribute it to writing down ‘Tidy Up Time’ as one of my daily things to track in my Bullet Journal. Sounds simple enough to skip, right? Except when you just so happen to be a person that finds great joy in creating streaks of doing something and being able to color in little blocks every single day that prove that you did it. (Okay- so I *might* be three when it comes to this- but it works for me, alright?)

Here is the entire premise behind ‘Tidy Up Time’- it does not matter how long I take to tidy up or that the entire house must be tidy in order for things to count. It simply matters that I took a few minutes to pick up several pieces of trash, put away some clothes, or start a load of dishes. It can be absolutely anything that makes the house cleaner and I’ve found that with doing small things each day- I have to look to find something to do because I am taking care of things little by little. That, alone, is a small miracle for me.

So if you’re like me- maybe this will work for you too. Maybe you just need a ‘gold star’ you can give yourself for working to improve a habit that, I think, most people would agree is a sign of adulthood. It doesn’t have to be perfect- you just have to be moving in the right direction.


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