Why I Have Purple Hair

Yes. My hair is purple. And no-there is not some sort of rebellious streak behind it.

Under normal inside light, my hair just looks really dark with a hint of some other color under it. In natural light- it looks purple and I am really good with that.

I started changing my hair color when I started to get entire gray streaks. At first there were just some streaks, then I went to a reddish-brown, then back to brown, then to pure red and now to purple. Throughout all of that- I just wanted to enjoy seeing what I could do with my hair. Because here is the ultimate thing- it is just hair. It’ll grow back. The color can be changed if I don’t like it. Essentially- it is only temporary.

And this is a philosophy that I try to take on in all areas of my life. It may be a little bit easier with my hair, but ultimately- anything I am going through is only temporary. A bad day. Horrible cramps. Crappy traffic. It is all just a temporary condition that is part of life and having slightly crazy colored hair helps to put that in perspective.

Purple hair is also a badge of individuality that I enjoy. Some people get tattoos and piercings. I color my hair. In a world where we are told to be individuals, it is interesting how often many of us just do not take the leap and try something different with our own bodies’. Frankly, I encourage anyone to just give what they want to do a try. It is really freeing to make your appearance what you want it to be. It is not always easy and it may not always be accepted- but I want you to think really hard about this question. Do you really want to look in the mirror and be anything besides what you want to be?


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