Garden Planning

Last year- I got a REALLY late start on garden planning- so this year I thought I would start planning early. You know-like in January early. While I didn’t solidify my plan until today-I have been looking for the last month or so. This lead me to scope out various websites that might be helpful with garden planning (this was my favorite) and it also got me to looking at my nutrition.


I’ve said this before- but I think it bears repeating- every ‘self help’ book that I pick up has some focus on nutrition. It has some chapter that is completely dedicated to how eating well and keeping in shape just helps us overall. And I cannot say that I disagree with that. What I will say is that it is far easier said than done. But I do know that if I get excited about something I am more likely to do it.

And I am excited about gardening. I feel like I have generations of people jumping up and down because there is one more person in the family that is going to keep the tradition of having a summer garden going. This year, I got a bit more in to it than I did last year. I also have more time this year to look in to it before the season truly starts.


I have opted for a square foot garden design and am using recommendations from a website about how many plants should go in to each square foot plot. I also am planning to beef up the barrier between my yard and garden so that I can *hopefully* keep more of the weeds out. I am just looking forward to getting dirty, getting the plants planted and for some great veggies throughout the summer. My goal this summer is to have to buy minimal vegetables this year and just be able to live off of the garden. I hope it’ll work.

Any more experienced gardeners got some advice for me based on what I’m planting? I’d love to hear from you!


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