What I’m Reading: Eat, Pray, Love

So-I am a bit late to reading Eat, Pray, Love. Like several years late as compared to many people who read the book around the time that the movie came out. This is one of the few books that I did not read before seeing the movie. It happens.

I am glad that I read the book. It was interesting to see the way that Elizabeth Gilbert took hold of her life and learned to live it in a way that she really found acceptable and as I go through my journey, that is something that I really want. I really want to be able to live my life in a way that love and in a way where nothing feels like a burden. I may be alone, but I am tired of feeling that certain aspects of my life are a burden.

This book also brought in to light that some of the things we want in life are things that take a long time to have happen in a successful way. I can look at things in my life and see how they worked out in the end as I am looking back. At the time that they were happening, I did not understand why it was happening that way-but I can see exactly where it lead me now. Do I wish I had catalogued it in a book? Or in a diary? Sure. But I didn’t back then, so all I have are memories and I am so glad for those memories. I am so glad for those memories because they give me hope for the things that I still want in life to work out right.

That is what this book does- it gave me hope. It gave me hope that at some point in time things will work out-so long as I keep working on me- it’ll work out just fine. It may not be easy to just focus on me, but I am the only thing that I can control in my life and trying to control anything else is just not worth it.


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  1. gemsbooknook says:

    Great review… I really enjoyed eat pray love… After reading your review I think I will pick it up again.. Happy reading…

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