Critical Juncture

As someone described the current point of my career- I’m in a fast tumbling dryer and I’m just trying to hang on. This has never been truer. And I am literally just trying to ride it out. I know it’ll calm down, eventually. But this week does not seem to be the week and next week doesn’t look good either.

During this juncture- I’ve been offered multiple jobs (that I decided were not the path for me). I’ve dug my heels in to stay as true to what I think my career needs to be as possible. That has not been easy. But I think it is important to hold on to things that I want in life. Admittedly, there may also be a point when it is time to stop fighting what some people think would be good for me.

Here is what I suggest if you’re in a critical juncture-figure out what YOU want. Do you want to manage? Do you want to move offices? Do you want to become an expert? Do you want to be a jack of all trades? Asking yourself these questions can help to point you in the right direction and can also help you figure out if things are as critical as you thought. Maybe- the change is actually small. Or maybe you should be freaking out. (Or if you’re me- you freak out and then take the time to come down so that you can actually see if it is that bad.)

Our careers- next to our family and happiness are super important to us. We spend 40+ hours there each week. Shouldn’t we enjoy what we are doing? Shouldn’t we be able to have some input on the direction of our careers? I say yes. And I say fight for what you need. This may lead to a huge change. Or it may just be a tiny shift. But either way- it is your critical juncture. It is your path to own. So own it. Own what you can about it and let go of what you can’t. Because at the end of the day- there are only some portions that are actually meant for you to work on. The rest of it is up to God.


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