February Recap

I opened up my OneNote this morning and realized- I’m several days in to March and have not done my February Recap OR my March Goals. Oops. To be honest- this week was crazy. But that isn’t really a good excuse because I know how much writing a little bit every day helps me. So- just as a reminder- these were my goals for February:

  • Finish Every Single Woman’s Devotional
  • Improve what I am eating
  • Continue with daily Bible time
  • Continue with working out 5x per week
  • 4 books in a month
  • Practice Loving Myself

There were some goals that were easy and others that I have not quite been able to get to. I worked hard on my nutrition, continuing to workout and keeping up with my Bible time. Across the board- I felt improvement in all three of those. I have also worked hard on loving myself and I do feel better about it. I take some hits some days and there are other days when I do well.

Now- when it comes to reading- I have not finished the amount of books that I wanted to nor have I finished the devotional I started at the beginning of the month. I have around 10 daily entries left on it, so I plan to get that finished in the coming month.

Overall- I am happy with how many things in February went. I was able to improve on some of the habits that I really wanted to focus on and I also know some additional habits that I need to put extra effort in to. So…on to March!


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