March Goals

This month- I want to shift towards some slightly different things for my goals. For the past couple of months- I have had the goal of finishing 4 books per month and with grad school that just has not been possible. So I am changing some of my wording. I am also admitting that I do have to take time to finish up my graduate school career.

Here are my goals for March:

  • 1 Chapter of Personal Development A Day
  • 30 minutes of Thesis Research a Day
  • Eating out no more than 8 times this month
  • Meditate 3x Per Week
  • Blog Every Day

I have to admit that I have to focus on my thesis (even if that is not necessarily something I am looking forward to), but I also do not want to lose the progress that I have made in other areas of my life. While working out is not represented this month- it is something that I do not feel needs to be a focus goal. It is just something that I need to continue on with and also continue to build good habits in other areas of my life.

Are you working on habit building? What are some of the habits you have in mind for March?


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