Why I Don’t Care About Laugh Lines

Laugh Lines. Crow’s Feet. Smile Lines. All references to the same thing. And also something that so many people try to get rid of.

The idea for this post came from a friend’s Facebook post asking if people dreaded getting ‘smile lines’. I responded on my own thoughts, then I got to thinking about it further. I got to thinking about it enough that I wanted to write a bigger article about it.

I view laugh lines as a badge of honor. There are so many things that change about us as we age, but this is one of the few places on our body that can show that we actually have enjoyed life. It just does not make sense to me why so many people dislike this part of aging.

Now I am at the critical age where women start to stare at their skin and hope that the lines will go away and that their face will just be smooth again. I’ve watched plenty of people do that and I have always wondered why. Why do they want to erase their age? And now that I find myself as nearly a 30 something- I still do not understand why it is something that so many women obsess over.

Besides me viewing them as a badge of honor- I want to provide some additional perspective. How boring would life be if we all had exactly perfect, flawless skin? How boring would it be if we never had anything that really showed that we aged? So why is this something that so many people obsess over?

Really- I just want to suggest that we enjoy our badges of honor. That we enjoy the things that make us unique. That show the world the life we have lived and all of the things that we can enjoy about ourselves.


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