Sing In The Car

We all know that person. The person that just belts it out and dances like crazy in the car. The person that you pull up next to at the red light and see that they are in their own world. The person that literally does not care how crazy they may look- because they are just enjoying themselves too much. I am that person. I am 100% that person.

And while I will happily admit that there are things in life that are more important than my live performances of Adele in the car-there are few things that I enjoy more. Here’s the thing- the hour or so that I have in the car each day can either be a pain in my backside or it can be a great deal of fun. I vote for it to be a great deal of fun more times than a pain in my backside.

There are few places where we can be seen, but we can also feel completely at ease to be ourselves. Our cars are kind of that place. Sure, you may not notice the person next to you or you may take a look over at them every once in a while and think about who they are. If it is springtime, the windows may be rolled down and we can hear the songs that are playing. For the most part though- our cars are this tiny little environment where we can sing and dance to our hearts content without a worry of a single person judging us.

Here is why I want to suggest that singing in the car is important- because it gives us freedom. It is just a time to enjoy yourself and to enjoy your life. Sure, you can let the traffic stress you out or you can choose to be happy. I’d like to suggest that you choose to be happy. You choose to be happy every time.


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  1. On bad days I used to scream in my car. It helped. But yes, I’m not afraid to look like a fool belting out a tune in my vehicle. 🙂


    1. I find that screaming doesn’t help me all that much. Lots of singing does though.


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