Being Conservative in Today’s World

Firstly- I love my more liberal friends. I love our differences of opinions. And I love the fact that we are lucky enough to live in a country where we can all express our own opinions. I love that they are passionate about what they believe, just as I am passionate about what I believe.

However- there are some items that I dislike when it comes to some liberal minded people. I dislike feeling like I am a second class citizen, because I prefer traditional values. I dislike being talked to like I am dumb, because I do not agree with them politically. I dislike the fact that I may very well lose some friends for what I am about to write or what I have already written (Disclaimer: the previous statement is something that is true from both staunch conservatives and liberals, not what I will call ‘common sense’ conservatives and liberals). But at the end of the day- what I dislike the most is the outright disrespect that I see on a regular basis from both sides.

Here’s the thing- I am conservative because it falls in line with the majority of my beliefs. I will not say that it falls in line with all of them. And I will not say that I am radically conservative. There will always be something that I do not agree with when it comes to the current leadership in this country, but they are human and like all of us- they have different things that they believe in too.

I feel that being conservative and being a twenty something is completely frowned upon within my generation. Most of my constituents seem to think that I cannot think of there being better ways forward or that I do not want for there to be improved rights for everyone. That isn’t quite true though. What is more factual, is that there are many people that I believe do not see the hypocrisy in their actions. For example-it is hard to understand that supporting women means that you really should be supporting women that disagree with you, because they are women and they deserve your support. It does not mean that I can stop supporting a woman because they have a different view than me. It may mean that we have to agree to disagree, but it should never be something that makes someone else feel like they are a little bit less than human, because at the end of the day their values are not the same as mine.

Each and every one of us is fortunate enough to be able to have our own values. Each and every one of us is fortunate to be able to raise our children to believe the things that we hold dear to our hearts. And how dare any of us try to take that right away from someone else. How dare someone make me feel guilty for planning to raise my children to believe in God. How dare someone make me feel like less of a person because I have a preference towards many traditional gender roles. If I can accept someone who does not think the same way that I do- why can so many not accept that people like me think differently than them?

It is hard to be conservative now. It is hard to be conservative because of the connotations that people place along with it. It is hard to protect the values that I hold dear when they are being assaulted by so many people. And on the opposite side- I can just imagine how hard it is to be liberal as well. I can imagine that they feel many of the same feelings I feel, just from the opposite perspective.

So- I would like for everyone that reads this to consider this one thing: while we may disagree on many things- are those things enough to cause all the problems that we have seen? Are those things enough to cause the great rifts that they are causing? Because- frankly- I feel like the majority of conservatives I know can meet their liberal friends halfway. They can understand them and they can sympathize. While we may not agree, exactly, we can listen and sympathize with opinions. And- I can even admit when I have not thought something through. At the end of the day though- these are all opinions. And the thing about opinions is- they are neither wrong nor right. They just are and I am not going to try to convince someone that their opinion is wrong. But as a conservative- I would like to ask that people not try to convince me that my opinions are wrong either.

Being conservative in a liberal area is hard. Being liberal in a conservative area is hard. I think this can be simplified even more- being human and having human emotions and opinions is hard. So, maybe, we can all work a little more on accepting that things are just hard. And, perhaps, focus less on the differences between us all.


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