Other’s Stories: The Little Old Lady at Food Lion

My family always jokes around with my mom that she can just strike up a conversation with anyone. Whether it is a person in the line at Wal-Mart or a person that sits next to her on a bus- she’ll usually wind up hearing their stories. I have inherited that trait. Maybe not quite to the level that my mom experiences, but it happens regularly enough that I never know when I am going to have someone start talking to me and just tell me their story.

It happened today at Food Lion. And this was a story that touched me.

I was walking towards the dairy section and came up to a little old lady that was staring at a tower of pastries. She seemed a little confused and then asked me if I could help her for a moment. She then went on to explain that in her 74 years of life, she had never grocery shopped alone. Her husband of 53 years had recently passed away and she was still getting used to shopping by herself. She wanted to make sure that the pastries on the top shelf were actually two for five dollars. It was and she apologized for bothering me. But it wasn’t a bother-it was a pleasure to help for just a few moments. It was a moment of humanity. It was a moment that can be completely missed if I was not one of those people, that people just talk to.

So, for as much as I take it as a curse, there are days like today when it was a blessing. It is something that I would not trade for the world, especially when the story just touches my heart.


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