Rewarding Myself

I have seen more articles than I can count talking about how important it is to reward yourself throughout your journey. When I look back at the last time that I worked on my health- I did not really reward myself. At all. I think I thought about doing it, but all of my rewards were food. It was some sort of different kind of cheat day. And that worked- until I reached my goal. And then it was just FOOD. All the time. As every reward. Needless to say- it caused issues.

So this time- I sat down and literally wrote out milestone rewards. I even have plans to write out more rewards with other healthy things as I get certain things under control and try to work towards different goals. Basically- I want to give myself little things along the way. I want to give myself a chance to really put things in to practice and then make the mental connection of like ‘hey- you’ve done good with this- here’s your reward’. It kinda seems like a 3 year old tactic- but I’m up for three year old tactics. I’m up for just about anything to really get it to stick.

I know this about myself- I struggle with starting. I struggle with pushing through different points of the journey. I struggle with maintaining. Each of those struggles is a place that I am trying to address with my rewards. I am under no illusions that this will be easy, but I know that this is something that I have not tried before. And I also know that I am excited to get the things that I have slated for myself. I am excited for a new book. I am excited to get new socks. I am excited to give myself all of these things- for taking care of myself. For doing the things that my body needs from me. So I’m checking off rewards and enjoying the process this time.


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