Just Show Up

There are days when I just don’t want to. Do you ever have those days as well? Generally- I deal with these days after I have had several days of being an extrovert. Or at the very least I have had several days with very little alone time.And a lot of times this overwhelming want to be alone will hit me on Sunday. When I know that I should be at church. I know that this time with people will be good for me- but I just have to show up.

I understand how important it is to be on time- because that will give us the entire lesson. I understand that missing time means I will miss some of the lesson, maybe even the most important part. However, when people call out that people are late- they are forgetting one portion- at least those people showed up. They know it is important to be there, so even on a day when they are dragging, can’t ‘people’ that day, and really just want to curl up under the covers- they show up.

Now- do not take this idea to work or something like that (because just showing up does not generally meet the requirements for a job), but this does work in many places in life. Showing up for your family. Showing up for your friends. Showing up for church. Showing up for things that matter to you- that can sometimes be enough.

Today- I showed up. I had to talk myself in to it, but I know it will be good for me. Sometimes I have to push myself and it is important for me to remember what the end goal of these things are.


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