What Are Your Talents?

Over the last several months, I have thought a lot about various people’s talents. I have talked a lot about my own talent and others’ talents. I have gone through moments of doubting what my talents were and ultimately realizing that my gut was right about my talents all along.

With all of that said though- most of this article is not going to be able me. It is about you. I want for you to think about your talents. And I want to give you some of the tips that I looked at for myself when I was in the middle of struggling to figure out what I should really do. Here are five things to think about when it comes to placing your own talents.

1.) Is this something you feel called to do?

At the end of the day- will you regret not taking the leap and following your heart? Will you sit there and feel like there was something just outside of your reach that you should have pushed towards? Or, even worse, something inside of your reach that you should just do? If so- this may be a talent that you have been avoiding for too many years.

2.) Is this something that makes your life better?

Do you just feel like you have a fuller life when you are using this skill? Is it something that every day you look forward to, even if it isn’t something that is part of your job? If it makes your life feel better- then it may be a talent, not just something you happen to be okay at.

3.) Is this something that makes others’ lives better?

When you do something- does it help others? Life is about you- but it is also about all of the other people that are around you as well. Is this thing that you do something that improves everyone around you? Does this skill push past something you just do and move in to something that you are known by, when it comes to others? If so- it may be a talent that you should really delve in to.

4.) Is this a natural gift?

Is this something that you have always known how to do? Were you born to do what you are doing? Is it something that you do not really have to think about or study, you just do it? Think about that. Think about how it feels when something is completely natural and it is also something that just comes out of you, no matter how much you may or may not want to do it.

5.) Do you love it?

Lastly- is this something that you just love? Is it something that you cannot bear to give up? Is it something that you would chose to continue because of all of these questions and other personal questions? Does it just drive you? If so, think about that talent. Think about what it does for everyone.

So that’s it. Five things to think about. Five questions that may help you focus towards your own talents. And at some point- we’ll talk about owning those talents later.


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