Rediscovering Fanfiction

I was a fanfiction writer for close to a decade and during that time- I specialized in Power Rangers fanfiction. I wrote dozens of stories and had a decent following. When my creative juices were tapped out after leaving Alaska- I stopped writing fanfiction. I stopped writing period.
In the last couple of weeks- I have rediscovered fanfiction. I haven’t read fanfiction in years, mainly because I had fallen out of those fandoms. Or my favorite authors stopped writing. (And I will apologize now that I probably did that as well.) But about two weeks ago- I decided to actually take a good look around Tumblr- and thus I rediscovered fanfiction.

Gosh has it expanded in the 5 years since I’ve stopped writing. There are imagines, drabbles, character x reader, in addition to Mary Sue, AU and all sorts of other things that I do still recognize.

One thing is the same- there are those that are learning to write and those that have already honed their craft. There are the fanfics that make you cringe because of the grammar and others that make you cringe because of the content. And then- there are just amazing stories that I just want to see actually come to life on the screen. And if the young writers are lucky- the people who read their stories build them up and help them mature their craft. They help them to become the writers that they are capable of being.

So right now- I’m not writing fanfiction again- but I’m gonna read it and maybe I’ll pick up my pen to work on my own works again in the future.


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