Not Everyone’s Meant to be Skinny

In a world where skinny is what people want- it is hard to not be one of those people that will ever fit the role. Not because of the fact that it is physically impossible (because let’s face it- most people could be super skinny if they went at it hard enough), but because of the fact that we are not genetically made to be skinny.

Now, before anyone gets mad about me slamming skinny people- that is not what this is about. If that is your natural disposition- great. If it is not your natural disposition- that is fine as well. What I am trying to address is those of us that just kinda have genetics that say we’ll probably never be super small, but we’ll also never be very large. However, in a world where the media regularly gives us extremes- being a somewhat average size does not really give us people that we feel that relate to us.

So- now that my ‘this is what the media does to us’ paragraph out of the way- I want to go in to the real story here. Our genetics have a lot to do with how we look. Does that mean that we cannot overcome genetics? No. But there is also only so much that we can do. As I look back in my family- I realize that there really are not that many super tiny women. My mom is on the tinier side and so was her mom- but then Mama B. did not seem to be super tiny-at least not from the flapper pictures of her in the 20’s. On the other side- Nanny was a solid 5’9ish and was never overly heavy, but was also not a waif. Mama K. was a little more slight, but was not extremely slight either. So-in the family history that I witnessed with my own eyes- we just aren’t a super tiny bunch. All of us have curves, of some sort and not everyone was alright with that.

Here’s the thing- by looking at my own family- I do realize that being the standard ‘skinny’ is not really possible for me. But being healthy is- at least what is healthy for me- is absolutely possible. It is just one of those things where me and my mind have to actual come to a good place on what health looks like. We have to come to an agreement so that I do not feel like I am losing the foods I love in life for some sort of outside idea that is not completely realistic for me.

The other side of this- is that being healthy cannot be externally motivated. The last time I went through a health marathon-I was pushing towards my ten year reunion. And on the other side of that- I just felt empty. I felt completely empty because I was able to go and speak about my job, but I felt like the personal area of my life was just lacking. So- I ate. And the thing that I recognize now is that while I did parts of that for myself- it was not what I really made it out to be. This time- there are things that are different- but there are other things that are the same. But one thing I can absolutely say- I’m just not made to be super skinny.


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