The Lies She Tells Herself: A Series

I have been hesitant to do anything on this blog that is on the lines of fiction, not because I dislike fiction-but because I am not sure it fits on this blog. However, I also have been contemplating a series that will have autobiographical parts, but will also have a few sections that are not autobiographical. The fact that this post exists- means that I am going for it.

This series will explore many of the lies that women tell themselves throughout their lives. It will also explore women overcoming those lies so that they are able to live in the truth of who they really are. That does not necessarily mean living happily ever after, but there may be some moments where that happens.

The Lies She Tells Herself-Links

Lie One: No One Will Ever Love Her

Lie Two: She’s Not Pretty

Lie Three: She’s Too Emotional

Lie Four: Weighing 140 Will Make Her Happy


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  1. Carolyn Terrell says:

    I enjoyed the story, it is very interesting to me because I worked at a school for 30 years as Secretary and Registrar and I would see this often in the private school I worked with, but we were allowed to be more hands on than public school !! Thanks for your writing and sharing, I pray it will enable everyone to find out where we all are😍


    1. Thank you for commenting! My hope is that through writing this series women will be able to understand that we are more than just the lies that keep bubbling to the surface.


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