Stay Weird

I have this thing for t-shirts with sayings. From a shirt that says Happy Holla-Days to ones that remind me to Be Brave-I find myself gravitating towards items like this. And today- I got a shirt that reminded me to Stay Weird.

And I will caveat this- I am plenty of people’s normal- but I am also plenty of people’s weird as well. Really this is a shirt that reminds me to be myself. To be the person that *might* just throw on new clothes that don’t match because they are new. To be the person that might laugh too hard at some things and may also cry too much at other times. Staying weird is really about being exactly who I am.

Now- it hasn’t always been easy to ‘stay weird’ (I explain more about that here)-but I will say that as I have gotten older I have found more and more value in knowing exactly who I am and loving myself for that. I have found value in being me. And I have also found that I value others who are completely themselves a whole lot more.

So in this short post- I just want to encourage people that may be struggling to be who they are to just embrace what you feel. To embrace the person that you are and know that there is only one you. Please don’t deprive the world of the best version of yourself that can exist. And above all- stay weird.


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