We all carry things around in our life that effect us in unexpected ways. Baggage. Emotional crud. History. Whatever you want to call it- it exists for the majority of people. And one thing that we all forget is that we don’t have the same baggage.

Some people’s baggage is purple. Others is polka dotted. And still others have the plain black rolling bag that confuses everyone at the baggage claim. But even the baggage that looks nearly identical is different on the inside. What is INSIDE the bag is what belongs to the person.

How does this idea move over to our emotional baggage? In the past decade or so- I have learned as a burden bearer that each person’s baggage may require a different type of help. I have learned that some baggage is not mine to touch or help with by a country mile. I have learned that other baggage is perfectly synced up with items I can help with. I have learned there is an in between. And I have also learned that we must respect each other’s baggage. If it is something that hinders them- then it matters- even if it is inconsequential for us.

In dealing with baggage- it is important to just be there. It is important to not take on more than you are capable of helping with. And it is important to help your friends know that baggage is okay. It is something we all have. And that you won’t make fun of their tie-died baggage- because it is part of who they are.


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