A dress that is different A hint of flare The flower and the hat Does a costume wear A coat that is robust That hides much from eyes The kerchief and the gloves Does a costume spy And yet a costume can be more Than clothes upon our back And in that is dange When…

What Sexy Is

Sexy shouldn’t be defined By the size of boobs and butts By the slimness of a waist And the firmness of our guts The confidence, the quirks The differences- admire  And see that sexiness Isn’t just one desire Because sexy is the girl That knows who she is That has brains and guts And is…

What If…

What if… This is the right person The right circumstance  The right place The right time What if… Life is no longer joking It’s not just another half relationship It’s the real thing What if… He gets it He understands He knows there are walls That he did not build But he will break brick…

Too Safe

Life is meant to be lived Not to constantly exercise caution Because being too safe Is a life half lived

Set Up

You’re joking  No way This isn’t me Why would you? How could you? Just let me be I’m ambushed I’m shocked What is this? Why did you think This would be a fix Excuse me I’m sorry  No it isn’t you I’m just not ready To be set up Are you?

The Life in My Mind

There is a place of contentment  That only exists in my mind My imagination surfaces it Whenever I am on the decline It’s a life of happiness A life where I’m not alone Where I have the body I want And my dreams aren’t on their own Then came a realization  That it may be…

What I’ve Read This Week: 22-28 October

Here’s some things I enjoyed reading this week! A Mother’s Guilt A Poem For the Boy I’m Not Sure Exists. Trusting How the Days Fall Need is not a Dirty Word Now I’ve Stopped #Poetry Toxic Salt Spare Parts Do Not Death Interrupted Our Plans A Life Well Lived The Spirit of Halloween. Woman Please…


That place with nothing in it It has no need to be filled But you’re drawn to it Almost against your will And just like that you know It’s right before your eyes The opening you need To live your life

Feel Better

I want to stop feeling All of the despair The place of my heart That feel they need repair I want to know that My heart will be taken care of That these moments Will become rare I want to feel better To have life in my hands And yet I’m not sure If that’s…

Fall Fires

As the temperature drops We begin to crave Warm nights, covers We want to save A pile of wood Appears by the door And we take a few pieces But no more The first fall fire Is a joy to behold And is something enjoyed Deep in your soul


Just wait  I’m not ready It isn’t time yet Not now Maybe later This will be best Alright, okay I’ll give this a try  Even thought I’m sure It’s reaching for the sky Alright, you’re right The time is right now Life isn’t convenient  Life is just now

Jumping Ahead

When your imagination  Is as rampant as mine There are moments When you forge the now You see the future  And mumble, “wow” But the issue with this Is that you jump ahead And these portions of life Are only in your head