I Was Broken

Once before I was broken

The break had been too much

It had caused too much heartache

It had caused too much rust

The break lasted longer

Than I ever wanted it to

It hurt, it festered

It didn’t feel like new

But then I remembered

What people said

That once you’ve been broken

There’s strength left in its stead

So I gathered up my strength

Put the brokenness aside

Once I was broken

I found who was on my side


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  1. God will always be on your side, accept him more and he shall strengthen you more, for this is a great mystery of life.


    1. God is there, but I am human. God does not help us to forget that we are human, but makes it more bearable. However- bearable does not mean that human wants do not plague us.

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      1. We were born of the flesh. Living by the flesh (human wants) leads to death and destruction. We are of God not of this world, if we are not of this world, but of God, we are not bound to anything in this world. We have the gift of breaking bondage of appearance and things of our humanly bodies. This is a great mystery of life, it is only through God we are able to break our bonds to live in full peace and comfort in his Shalom.


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