Quote of the Week Project

For several months, I have been putting up quotes of the week at work. It’s a little something I like to do to share things that I’ve read that make me feel inspired without handing someone one of the five or so leadership books that I have just laying around. Sometimes the quotes are funny….

What I’ve Read This Week: 14-20 January

Hello, again! Here is the latest edition of some things that I’ve enjoyed reading over the last week! Blame I’m Such a Good Liar. People… Because you didn’t love all of me River Walk What do you think of this week’s list? Did I miss some good writing? Let me know in the comments if…


There’s this thing that happens It forces you uphill And though you may fight it It just will It wasn’t supposed to be there The pain and the thrill But just because you need it It just will It just will surprise you It just will make your day It just will be what you…


Excitement, anxiety, hopes, dreams It comes up It comes out And it leaves me shaking

What I’ve Read This Week: 7-13 January

Another week is in the books and so are some more amazing pieces of work. Here’s some of the things I read this week and really enjoyed. If Everyday I Live Without You Sweeter Place The Smile Will be Wider, Forever How can she help herself? you. Nightmares That’s it. What do you think? Did…

The Storyteller

There are people that are complimentary characters. There are people that are the main characters. And then- there are the storytellers. She was a storyteller. She was the person that created destinies and moved along the stories in the world. She was the influencer. But she could not write her own story. That was the…


There are times When kind is not kind Kind is polite Kind doesn’t mind But it won’t tell you Just what it truly wants Sometimes kind leaves you With only worries inside Then one day you realize Kind is not to wind It is just to be So be kind

The Fitness Comparison Game

In the New Year- I’m sure there are many that have decided to get healthier. It’s been a goal of mine as well over the years. Today- I want to share a bit about the comparison game I used to play. And ask you to think about cutting it out. It is part of human…

Who Holds Me

Who holds me back Who holds me in Who is this person I need to win Who watches me Who keeps my face Who is this person That I must race Who suppressed me Who is scared to show Who wants to protect me This I must know But at the end I’m certain It’s…


It just takes a few moments To let someone in But that does not always happen Somethings just don’t win And in the moments of hoping Of seeing what can come I must do some inviting Instead of holding them afar

At Ease

A little bit of silence The intake of a breath Is all that is needed To loosen my chest A little pit of patience The beginning of a smile Just lets me fell at ease Once in awhile


That place that keeps you Coming back with a harsh remark That makes you think of things And only feel snark It isn’t always wanted It’s seldom welcome here But sometimes You’re just bitter And it is all that you can bare