New Favorite Bullet Journal Layout: Gratitude Tracker

Several months ago- I started bullet journaling. A friend introduced me to it and idea of being able to track everything in on place hooked me. Over the last several months I’ve experimented with different layouts, styles, and supplies for bullet journaling. In my latest journal- I created a monthly gratitude and mood tracker page….


Over and over It must be repeated It cannot stop To break it Is to steal it Once it is formed There is no walking away Habitually do it Every day

What I’ve Read This Week: 26 November-2 December

Here are some things I’ve read this week that I really enjoyed. Also- how in the world is it already December?!?! Anyways- I hope you enjoy this week’s list. The girl in the mirror. Truth list of things that you are not I am a door to you Introvert Soft Touch Something About You, Kept…

His Girl: A Short Story

He was not born of this world or even in this time. Yet here he was, alive, in 2008. The moment that he started fighting, he knew he had found his place. He knew that the world he had originated from actually still existed. And then- he met her. The reporter. The quirky girl. The…


Together, so blissful So fully intact It’s what’s expected What is needed So you ignore the lack The lack of intimacy The lack of trust The lack of loving you back Because together Seems better Than admitting It’s all gone black


Perfection is fear Is something we can’t be It freezes us It kills us Please let us be


Don’t let the excuses Even cross your lips Cross your mind Into your heart Don’t let them dip Eventually you must… Decide

Give Me a Pass

Give me a pass An easy ride Some excuse to own Something that makes It easier To face what life has thrown

Undo It All

Undo it all Start over Begin again Take a look at the past Destroy it Show what is within Show the faults Show the blame Show the things you feel Undo it all Remake it Stop reliving your fears


The color creeps up Covering her face Betraying what she feels When her heart takes up more space She fights for the calm Ignores what her face may say Because she’s not sure she’s ready For what that blush betrays


Just stay on the surface See the facade See the still waters Know there is no sad Just stay on the surface Don’t search underneath Don’t see the fluttering The gnashing of teeth Just stay on the surface Keep oblivious to it all Unless the surface disquiets And you’re interested in the cause

Just Ask

You like her You see her You see that person there The person that caught your eye Who pulls you from despair You stutter You mutter You don’t know what to say But just ask Just go Just try it out Because it is the only way To clear the doubt