What Are You Passionate About?

What are you passionate about? What do you like to do? What do you do outside of work? Variants of this question always get to me- mainly because I am just not *that* passionate about anything. Sure I like stuff- but there are very, very few things that I get super excited about. And I…


Shaking, moving, wondering Always full of fear Shaking, hearing, hoping That this will clear Shaking, dancing, swaying Knowing this will pass Shaking, smiling, laughing Dawn has come at last

One Day…Never

If one day never comes If this is all I get I hope that one day I’ll learn to live with it To live without the wants To accept it’s just a dream If one day never comes I hope it stops ruling Everything

I Was Broken

Once before I was broken The break had been too much It had caused too much heartache It had caused too much rust The break lasted longer Than I ever wanted it to It hurt, it festered It didn’t feel like new But then I remembered What people said That once you’ve been broken There’s…


She just wants to trust Wants that person that will stay Hopes that somehow He’ll find a way To see past what she shows Those that barely know her face There is much that she has experienced Much that has caused her to be this way Is because she was betrayed Betrayed by those she…

What I’ve Read This Week: 3-9 December

Here are some things I have read this week and really enjoyed (and I hope you enjoy them too). rain. I Am Knock-Knock An Intruder A Letter to God Without You Hopelessly Hoping The Uncaring Girl Why Not? This is My Silence The Line Those little moments Slipping The couple The Girl at the Window…

Sadness Leaks

In the time When cheer is there Sadness overwhelms And leaks out everywhere

Our Favorite Characters

Each author has them- the characters that they love to write. The characters that they feel like they’ve put just the right amount of ‘umph’ into that makes them into believable, flawed beings. And we love to write them again, and again, and again. I’m stretching my legs back out with short stories and I…


Take the day on Run with what you see Understand who is there Serve those in need Turn to something new When the way is drear Ordinary moments Really may prevail Trust that all this Has a place You just might find it’s… Trustworthy


Some things come Some things may go And yet some things remain But the things that matter The things we want May only be given once

In the Camp

In the camp Just inside Just within the clear In the camp There’s much to hide Much one cannot bear In the camp Watch your side Watch what you can’t hear In the camp Take the tide Take what you hold dear

Lukewarm Heart

I’d rather you be cold Than heated halfway At least then it’s obvious What you’d say Having a lukewarm heart Hurts everyone you see Because no one knows Just who you want or need